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"Ah.I" she said, as in a retarded, weary exhalation. Her eyes,
gleaming under the brows of her rough-cut ravaged face,
fixed upon him.

He retreated one step, letting his lifted hands subside.

" Matilda," the man on the bed called, but she apparently
did not hear him.

" Matilda," he repeated.

She stirred, shifting her gaze to him.

"This is Percy Munn," he said. "You remember Percy

" Yes," she answered.

"He's come to see me," Tolliver explained, "He was just
getting ready to give me a glass of water."

"How do you do?" she asked.

Mr. Munn, wetting his lips, managed to speak, saying, " I
just came in." He turned, and while he lifted the pitcher
with his right hand, with the other dropped the revolver into
his pocket She watched him the whole time. The water
made a muted, gurgling noise, spilling into the glass.

He handed the glass to the man on the bed, who accepted
itv3#&~dtank while the others watched him.   "Thank you,"
, and when Mr. Munn took the glass, he let his head
back upon the pillow.    "Matilda/' he added, "why
don't you fix Perse something to eat?   He must be hungry
py now, coming a long way."
f " I was thinking that," she replied.
V*No," Mr. Munn said, almost violently, "no. I'm going, I
;UM wanted to see the Senator. I've seen him now. I'm going."

gpe crossed the room toward him, and laid her hand upon
his jinn.  " Sit down, Mr. Munn," she urged.  " Sit down and
r€SjL and 111 fix you something."
JF I'm going," he replied, seeming to shiver under her touch.

" Sit down," she said again.

He jerked from her, taking a full pace backward. The
empty glass fell from his hand, splintering on the floor. " Fm
going," he cried, and flung a sudden, wide gaze about the
room, like an animal.